Brigid's Cloak - 100% Irish linen - 40cm sq.
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    €13.95 (US $17.95 - AU $18.36)

Brigid Meditations CD


    €9.95 (US $11.73 - AU $15.51)
CD Cover

Brigid Cards (Set of 6)


(US $15.39 - AU $10.10)
Brigid Cards

Brigid Essence



€14.95 (US $19.26 - AU $19.68)

Due to recent changes in legislation, unfortunately it is no longer possible to send liquids through the Irish postal system so from now on the Brigid Essence will only be available directly from my premises in Gort, Co. Galway.


Brigid Soap



€8.95 (US $11.53 - AU $11.78)

The special ingredients in this soap which are connected with Brigid are the ground green rushes and the Brigid Essence which contains the essence of Brigid's Well in Kildare and the flame of Brigid.

Whole goats milk from a nearby farm is ued to make the soap, this means it is extremely suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Other ingredients include the essential oils of healing and cleansing herbs lavender, sage, rosemary and sweet fennel.




Bio Energy Therapy (3 - 1/2 hour sessions)



€100 ($132.75)


Bio Energy Healing



Aura Reading



€70 ($93)