Brigid's well in Kildare

Brigid's cross with the well water and flame - Brigid Essence

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Brigid, the celtic goddess of poetry, healing and smithcraft has been revered in Ireland for millennia, more recently in her Christian persona as St. Brigid of Kildare. She is patroness of wells, fire, fertility and nurture.

This essence was made at Imbolc by Mark O'Sullivan, a homeopath, from the water of her well in Kildare. The water then stood with a candle lit from the Flame of Kildare, perpetually kept at Solas Bhride so that it was imbued with this light.

The result is an essence made in the spirit of Brigid that brings healing to the heart and calm to the mind, offering a joyful homecoming to the abundant wellspring of our true nature.

This essence can also be used to dress candles so that they become daughter candles of the Solas Bhríde.

Personal experience of using the essence.

The essence can be taken internally; two or three drops in a glass of water. I would take it for example, when I am preparing for a Brigid workshop and would also encourage participants at the workshop to connect more deeply to Brigid by having some.

I have found it can also be used very effectively to clear a room or a place of any dense energies. Again, two or three drops in some water and then sprinkle it around the room or house. The cleansing power of Brigid's flame and the healing power of the water from her well have a noticeable effect within minutes.

Sara Jane